LF100 - Birthday Beat down - Iron Mayden vs Miko

37 Minutes of one sided beat down with punishing back breakers, ceiling holds, brutal belly punching, cheap shots, hair pulling and general viciousness.

Our Anniversary video LF100 comes at the same time as Miko's birthday so why not? The pretty and petite little Miko turned 20 and was out celebrating this evening and came home all excited and bubbly wanting to show Mayden what the girls gave her as a gift. Unfortunately, the dangerous Iron Mayden is in one hell of a foul mood and can't stand Miko to start with so help get herself into a better mood, Mayden decides to give Miko a birthday gift she will never forget. Nor will you!

Just turned 20, little Miko can hardly wait to show Mayden the sexy bikini top the other Ladyfist girls gave her at the birthday party they threw for Miko. Unfortunately, Mayden wasn't invited to the party and she's in a foul mood about it. When Miko shows off the sexy bikini top, Mayden tells Miko she's got something for her also.. but to close her eyes for a big surprise.. and what a surprise! A sucker punch to the belly that doubles over the poor little Miko and drops her to the floor.

When Mayden is in a bad mood, look out. With Miko dazed, Mayden drags her by the hair up and over onto her knee, stretching the little girl's back, leaving her tight little belly cruelly exposed to thudding belly punches and breast mauling. Mayden reaches under Miko to grab her hair and yank her head down under her body to cause Mayden's victim to arch even more as Mayden tortures her petite foe.


After brutalizing poor Miko's belly, Mayden yanks Miko up to her feet by the hair and hoists her up and over onto her shoulder for a spine cracking back breaker. Mayden's mood is improving a bit as she smiles when she grabs Miko's hair to haul her head back to arch her helpless victim even more. The gratuitous breast mauling is just added pleasure for Mayden as Miko howls in pain from the horrible pressure on her back and the stretch in her belly.


Brutalized and hurt, Miko falls victim to Mayden's signature move, the dreaded Ceiling Hold. With her lower back bent, Miko is assaulted, beaten and brutalized as Mayden enjoys herself at Miko's expense with shots to the belly and chest before Miko is dropped and choked out. Down and beaten, Miko is given a cruel cheap shot to the crotch.

But the worse is yet to come.. remember when you were kids you'd get a playful "birthday spankings"? Mayden continues the tradition but with cruel punches to the stretched and battered belly of her helpless victim Miko. Counting out each deliberately delivered punch, Mayden truly enjoys herself.. so much she sometimes forgets her count and has to start over, adding to the horrible beating Miko has to suffer.


Stretched out with her belly exposed, Miko is hammered and pummeled to the belly. Mayden pulls Miko's pants down to expose more target area, dropping her fist deep and low in the belly, causing poor Miko to gasp and cough as each fist is drilled deep into the target zone. Punch, hammered and finally stomped, Miko is almost out on her feet as Mayden once again yanks her dazed victim to her feet for another cruel cross shoulder back breaker.


Hoisted high onto the dangerous Mayden's shoulders, Miko is not only stretched and breast mauled but Mayden continues the birthday count with body stretching pumps as she counts out the years of Miko's young age. Bending her pitifully battered body, Mayden cranks on the pressure as she bounces around with her petite little victim helplessly draped across her shoulders. Mayden's mood is greatly improved while Miko's body is greatly tortured.


Mayden's is not only vicious but she's very sadistic as she tortures and brutalizes her tiny 4'11" victim Miko. Mayden once again throws Miko up in the cruel Ceiling Hold, bending her so far back, Miko's cries go unheard as Mayden gleefully enjoys her fun of brutalizing such a tiny girl. Poor Miko, how much more can she endure? How much more can Mayden inflict upon Miko?


Dropped to the mat, Miko is once more hammered in her bruised and battered belly as Mayden counts out punch after punch, repeating her count a few times to extend the punishment, with poor Miko barely conscious as she's yanked up to her feet by the hair and draped across Mayden's arm and relentlessly hammered in the belly for the 20 count.. the 20th punch sending the poor girl on the mats brutalized, tortured and near unconsciousness.


Mayden, now in a great mood, looks down at her totally helpless victim and crawls up the length of her victim to deliver a sweet tender birthday kiss, to show she's not all that cruel. But she is nasty. Rolling her defeated victim over, Mayden removes Miko's bikini top as a trophy, challenging the little girl to come and get it, if she's brave enough. Poor Miko, this will be a birthday she'll never forget, ever.


LF100 will greatly appeal to the one sided beat down, belly punching and back breaker fans as Mayden literally tears poor tiny little Miko apart in this amazing video.


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