LF097 - Queen Bitch - Aiden vs Delyte

35 Minutes of hard fighting, action packed non-scripted fighting between the two toughest Ladyfist girls.

The Maniacal Diva Aiden goes toe to toe with the thug Queen of Mean Delyte in this unscripted action packed battle to the finish. Right from the start, chest to chest in a Test Of Strength, they have little regard for each other as the intense root ripping hair pulling gets them in and out of trouble. Aiden, the more technical fighter, holds her own against the unpolished brutal Delyte as they fight tooth and nail to the finish using everything in their arsenal to finally decide who will be crowned the Queen Bitch.


Its a brawl to the finish with no mercy given as Delyte and Aiden rip away at each other with root ripping hair pulling, rib crashing body scissors, chokes and cheap shots to the crotch. These are not lady-like fighters as they hammer away at each other in order to punish their opponent. Aiden, being the more technically minded fighter, puts Delyte in various of holds such as the Figure Four Leg Lock and Boston Crab but Delyte, though hurt, manages to send Aiden reeling with well placed punches to the gut and cheap shots.


Camel Clutches, TOS, Scissors, Sleeper Holds, brutal knees to the crotch and more vicious action are in order when Aiden and Delyte won't give an inch to their opponent nor submit to the other. Just when you think one of them might be out of the fight, she comes back with a cheap shot or hair pull to break out of the finisher hold to continue this most brutal of fights.


Back and forth, to and from, the attacks rage on as Delyte pounds away at Aiden with kicks, punches and cheap shots to the crotch, bear hugs and hair pulls but the tenacious Aiden counters back with her own scissors, back breakers and her own special powerful knee lifts to the crotch that takes Delyte off her feet. Aiden manages to get Delyte into another Figure Four Leg Lock, causing Delyte to scream in pain but the thug girl isn't giving up. Aiden then finds herself being crushed between Delyte's powerful thighs, the breath being crushed out of her frame. Pummeled, punched and kicked, Aiden retaliates with another brutally vicious knee lift to the crotch to bring her foe to her knees.


Finally weakened enough, Delyte is caught in another cross arm choke. Aiden, confident she's got her victim exactly where she wants her, plays her evil cat and mouse game, torturing Delyte with total confidence that Aiden still retains her Queen Bitch title.. It will be a while before these two will get the chance for a rematch but we're looking forward to see who will win the next one!

LF097 is a full non-stop action from start to finish, with these two dangerous ladies going all out trying to best each other with their own specialty of moves and holds. This match has a bit of everything and lot of everything in it which will appeal to most everyone.


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