LF096 - Raven's Beat down - Raven vs Delyte (custom video)

50 Minutes of vicious belly punching leaving one girl brutalized and humiliated.

The Masked Raven returns to Ladyfist in order to put Delyte in her place. The Thug Girl took a humiliating beating in a previous video and is reluctant to accept Raven's challenge for a belly punching contest. But proud as she is, Delyte has no choice but to accept and the belly punching commences. Though throwing some solid hits herself, Delyte takes too many hard hits from Raven that she's at risk of losing early in the match. Not wanting to risk another humiliating loss, Delyte sucker punches Raven in the face, dropping the gorgeous masked girl to the mats from which Delyte commences her beat down on Raven's sexy belly, destroying her belly. And that wasn't bad enough, Delyte ties Raven up and arched over the dreaded red ball of pain, making it even worse for Raven as Delyte's fists come crashing down into her stretched and taut belly until finally, and mercifully, Raven is unconscious for more belly punches and rag dolling. To add insult to injury, Delyte 'de-masks' the helpless Raven as a final act of defiance.


After being sucker punched in the face, Raven is barely able to defend herself as Delyte pounds away without mercy on Raven's sexy tight belly, knocking the breath out of her, weakening the masked beauty. This is what happens when you try to go toe to toe with the Queen of Mean!


Delyte, always looking for an advantage to inflict more punishment and humiliation to her victims, uses Raven's own shirt to tie her hands back out of the way, leaving poor Raven cruelly exposed to Delyte's onslaught on Raven's belly.


Barely conscious and unable to defend herself, Raven is tied back with her own shirt strings, wrists to ankles, leaving her in a very cruel and exposed position for Delyte's brutality and viciousness as the Queen of Mean drops bombs after bombs into Raven's already bruised and battered belly, before being rag dolled and beaten while unconscious, and finally, stripped of her mask as a final act of humiliation. Delyte, tough as always, leaves the unconscious Raven on the mat with parting words to come and get her mask back. Revenge match in the future? We're not sure but you know it would be an awesome one due to the immense payback elements!


LF096 will appeal to the belly punching and one-sided beat down fans as poor Raven really never had a chance in this video. She should have known better and Delyte made sure Raven would never forget this


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