LF094 - My Pretty Little Belly Button - Lily vs Absynthe (custom video)

45 Minutes of vicious one sided belly button destruction beat down.

Beautiful little Absynthe admires her belly button, just as her many fans do. When Lily walks in on her, harsh words are exchanged and soon enough, Lily vows to destroy Absynthe's pretty little belly button so that no one will ever want to look at it again, ever! Unable to defend herself against the much larger and tougher Lily, Absynthe is subjected to a belly beat down like never before that leaves our petite Absynthe bruised, battered and sobbing, knowing her belly button will never be the same after this beat down.

When Absynthe mouths off to Lily, the tall blonde drops a huge fist into Absynthe's belly, dropping the petite girl to the mat. Knowing she's in danger of a beat down, Absynthe lunges at Lily, trying to take the bigger girl down by the hair but unfortunately, Absynthe is quickly over powered and subdued for her lengthy beating. With her arms pinned under Lily, Absynthe's belly is cruelly exposed for each slam of the fists as Lily starts her destruction fest of her victim's pretty little belly button. Her fist slam hard and deep into Absynthe's belly button with each blow.


Gasping for air, barely conscious, Absynthe is brutally tortured as Lily seeks to destroy Absynthe's belly button. She drills her fist deep into her victim's tight belly, grinding her knuckles in deep to cause intense pain and suffering. Weakened and unable to escape, poor helpless Absynthe is in for a horrible round of brutality as she's never suffered before.


Lily tosses her little victim around in different holds, anything that stretches Absynthe's belly tight to allow her to hammer away with loud smacking or thudding noises. With her arms trapped under her body, Absynthe is helplessly and cruelly exposed to what ever brutality Lily has in store for Absynthe's belly button. Lily demonstrates one hell of a nasty streak, much to Absynthe's chagrin.


Stretched, bent and battered, Absynthe is then hoisted up and across a bar stool, arching her back and stretching out her tight abs even more as Lily hammers away at her victim's belly, soliciting howls of pain and whimpers of anguish as Absynthe begs Lily not to destroy her pretty little belly button but this is exactly what Lily is hell bent to accomplish.

Strong as she is, Lily uses her outstretched thumb to impale Absynthe's belly button, digging in deep, knowing that it has to hurt from the expression on Absynthe's face as she squirms from the assault to her belly button. Even the use of a foreign object in Lily's hand is used to devastate Absynthe's belly button.

But the horrors are far from over.


Barely conscious and moaning, Absynthe is tied and draped over an exercise ball, arched over, belly stretched out, vulnerable and cruelly exposed, the utterly defenseless Absynthe is severely brutalized as Lily drops huge fists deep into Absynthe's belly, causing her to bounce against the ball, stretching her out even more, stretching her aching and utterly battered belly.


Lily, so proud of her handiwork, hoists Absynthe up and drops her harshly across the knee for a back breaker, arching Absynthe's back and stretching her visibly bruised and battered belly as Lily hammers away, dropping fists deep into Absynthe's flesh, until poor Absynthe is rendered unconscious by such a brutal and vicious beating. But being non-responsive isn't going to spare Absynthe from any more nastiness as Lily continues to pound away at her limp and defeated victim. Later, when Lily is gone, Absynthe wakens to a horribly destroyed belly button, aching, bruised and battered, sobbing in the knowledge her belly button may never be the same again, all because of Lily..

LF094 will appeal to the Belly Punching fans and one sided beat down Squash fans. Poor Absynthe, everyone's favourite Jobber Girl may not survive this one!


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