LF093 Belly Up II - Delyte vs Absynthe (custom video)

48 Minutes of brutal back and forth belly punching ending up with one girl rag dolled and belly punched while unconscious.

After taking some serious punishment in recent fight videos, Absynthe agreed to Delyte's challenge for a Belly Punching Competition. Never one to back down from any challenge, is determined to break her losing streak. 3 Rounds of belly punching where the loser of the round has to take an additional 15 punches before starting the next round. The stakes are high, the pain intense, and neither girl wants to lose this one! But Absynthe changes the rules in the end and Delyte ends up paying the ultimate and humiliating price.

It got to a point for Absynthe that she really hated having to lose all those matches to whom she figures are 'lesser' girls. So when Delyte offered her a belly punching competition, she was all game for it. The girls meet up one night and lay out the rules:

Three rounds, One standing with arms above their head while receiving punches, second round laying on the floor and third round pressed against the wall. Each girl takes five punches to the belly, and then gives five punches to her opponent's belly. Who ever calls it quit first in each round, has to suffer an additional 15 punches to the abs as punishment. So you can figure that no one wants to lose a round, because if you think you're hurt enough to need to quit, you're going to eat more punches afterwards which will weaken you even more for the next round, talk about pressure!


The first round goes well enough in the beginning for both girls as they hammer away at each other's belly, taking their turn to try to make the other girl quit first. A few catty remarks are exchanged showing there's no love lost between these two. Back and forth they go until finally Delyte has to call it quits after taking a solid shot to the guts. Absynthe, being the nasty little bitch she can be, grabs Delyte by the hair to deliver her 15 upper cuts to Delyte's belly. She's tiny but those tiny little fist of hers make Absynthe quite the lethal puncher.. you can feel those solid little fist bury themselves deep into Delyte's belly with each hammering blow.


On to round Two! The only saving grace of losing a round is that you get to punch first in the next round. Though both are sore and battered already, it pales compared to the hammering they inflict on each other while laying on the floor where there is no give behind you as a fist drills into your belly. You can tell the girls are getting weaker but neither will admit it to the other as they bang away at each other, trying to make the other submit. If Absynthe wins this one, she wins it all! So Delyte is very determined not to lose to this one as she crashes her fists deep into Absynthe's tight little belly until finally, yes the petite girl has to call it quits after taking a brutal shot up high in the belly. This time, it's Delyte who delivers the punishment 15 blows to the loser of the round. Poor Absynthe, you can tell she's hurt but she's not letting Delyte know.


The start of the third round find the girls in a rubber match. Whoever wins THIS match, wins it all and the prize is that the loser has to be the winner's bitch for a month, doing all the cleaning, chores and what ever else the winner so desires. The belly beating continues as each girl drills her fists relentlessly into her opponent's belly, trying to force her to quit.


These two ladies, exhausted, barely able to stand, bellies tortured, bruised and battered are not giving up and the punching continues. Back and forth, gasping for air, trying to hold it together to survive to their next turn to try and make the other girl submit to lose the round. But stubbornness and determination drive these girls on to destroy each other's belly.


And then finally, Delyte takes a deep punch to the belly and calls the end of the match, much to Absynthe's relief as she most likely would not have survived another round herself. Barely able to stand, Absynthe drags her victim down to the floor so she can deliver the required 15 punishment punches to Delyte's devastated belly.


Doomed to her 15 punishment punches after losing such a devastating round , Delyte is unable to stop Absynthe when the little girl declares that since Delyte is now her bitch, she's changing the rules and continues to pummel and pound away at Delyte's already destroyed belly until the bigger girl is barely responsive. Satisfied that Delyte is incapacitated, Absynthe goes all out and delivers blow after blow to Delyte's belly, almost as if she's taking out all of her frustrations of losing her past matches out on her unlucky victim.


Totally unconscious., Delyte is rag dolled and belly punched, belly bruised and reddened by so many blows to the abs, you know she's going to feel this beat down for days to come. Only because she underestimated Absynthe's determination not to be anyone's beat down girl anymore.

LF093 is certainly going to appeal to the Belly Punching fans out there. 48 minutes of non-stop back and forth belly punching action to satisfy your cravings to see beautiful bellies being viciously destroyed.