LF091 Jobber Girl NO MORE! - Absynthe vs Lexus

37 Minutes of one sided revenge beat down by petite Jobber girl vs larger opponent
(Hair pulling, hard belly punching, stomping, fig 4, rag dolling)

Everyone's favourite beat-down Jobber girl Absynthe is fed up, sick and tired of being just that. No more, she exclaims, she's as tough and dangerous as the next Ladyfist girl. When Lexus laughs in her face about it, Absynthe is bound and determined to ensure that all her fans finally see the evil dark side of Absynthe as we've never seen before as she beats down and brutally destroys her larger opponent, Lexus.

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We were just getting ready to shoot another video where Absynthe gets her ass kicked (this how her fans love watching Absynthe, getting her ass kicked) but all of a sudden she refuses to play nice and declines to do the video. She says she's sick and tired of being the loser, being humiliated in every video, and that the very next girl that walks in through the door will be made an example of. Then enters Lexus. Oh good, tough gal, the 5'9" Lexus will put Absynthe back into her natural role but Absynthe is very determined to not be the beat down girl again. With a grab of Lexus' hair, Absynthe starts her business. Lexus isn't taking the little girl seriously as she lets Absynthe pull her around by the hair but when Absynthe sucker punches Lexus in the belly and then stomps her guts out followed with a nasty kick to the crotch, Lexus is starting to realize that Absynthe means business! This is all Absynthe needs to make her point about being the Jobber Girl No More!


Lexus finds herself trapped between Absynthe's powerful dancer legs and feels the grind as Absynthe clamps down hard on Lexus' mid-section, causing her to howl in pain. Rolling Lexus onto her belly, Absynthe is able to abuse her opponent's hair and arms, arching her backwards, full confidence that Lexus is going to be her bitch before long. Going by Lexus' reactions, though taking a beating, I don't think she's taking Absynthe too serious yet.


Getting up to her feet, Absynthe drills another stomp to Lexus' belly to set her up for a Figure Four Leg Lock which catches Lexus off guard and now you can tell she's in pain. Her long legs caught in this hold by shorter legs make it very painful indeed! Sitting in the driver's seat, Absynthe torments and trash talks her victim, knowing fully well Lexus can't reach her from there. No matter what Lexus tries to do in order to get out of this hold, Absynthe counters with a heavy stomp across the stretched out leg causing immense pain for Lexus. When Lexus gets too mouthy, Absynthe grinds her heel into Lexus' crotch to shut her up with some screaming. After what seems like an eternity for Lexus, Absynthe breaks the hold knowing she's crippled up her opponent enough, and savagely stomps Lexus' damaged knee before delivering another humiliating kick to the crotch from behind.


Dragging her victim by the hair, Absynthe lays out Lexus for a belly stomp. It annoys Absynthe that Lexus sounds like she's laughing when she's hurt so she stomps her even harder to see if she can change that sound but it's Lexus' natural 'getting beat up noise'. Stretching Lexus out and sitting on her outstretched arms, Absynthe is in perfect position to hammer away at the larger girl's abs and chest, not sparring any claws along the way to make Lexus shriek in pain. Rolling Lexus over onto her belly after a few more stomps, Absynthe saddles her victim up for a spine crunching Camel Clutch. With a mitt full of Lexus' hair, Absynthe leans waaaay back, viciously arching her victim back and then grabbing a mitt full of Lexus' breasts, mauls away causing shrieks of horrible pain from her victim. I think by now Lexus realizes she's in trouble.


Feeling fully confident she has the situation under control (and her victim under control as well) Absynthe turns on the dirty fighter mode as she kicks and stomps onto Lexus' crotch, grinding her heel in as hard as she can to make Lexus howl in horrible pain. Loving her new role, Absynthe literally kicks Lexus around the room with shots to the ribs and belly. Exhausted, battered and bruised, Lexus is subjected to intense pain as Absynthe drops her sharp little shins across all four of Lexus' limbs, now that's gotta hurt! Once more dragged by the hair, Lexus is placed in a trapping hold, leaving her chest and belly cruelly vulnerable to Absynthe's every little revenge whim as she drops fists into Lexus' belly and breasts, brutally beating down her victim.

Feeling very confident that her victim can't offer much more resistance, Absynthe drags poor Lexus up to her feet by the hair and jams her up against the wall where she drills her tiny little fists deep and hard into Lexus' already battery belly, dropping the tall girl to her knees from where she's jammed up against the wall once again to take more beating at the hands and fists of her smaller assailant.

By now, totally unable to defend herself, Lexus is tormented and humiliated by Absynthe who literally yanks Lexus around by the hair, throwing her down head first into the floor several times before she passes out cold. But don't look at Absynthe for pity over her defeated foe. She takes her time and methodically destroys her unconscious victim while rag dolling her between sleeper holds (what's the point now except causing more damage!) and stomping on Lexus' limp and unresponsive body.


Absynthe, victorious in her beat down on Lexus, adds insult to injury by crotch kicking her rag doll limp victim between the legs repeatedly before she decides enough is enough. Though her victim is no longer a danger to Absynthe, she still wants to torment her, leave her something to remember her by. Warned by the cameraman not to push her luck with this rag dolling shenanigan, Absynthe doesn't care as she's in control and is enjoying the moment.

We'll let Absynthe enjoy her victory over Lexus, just because she's been a pain in the ass lately about losing all the time. However, I'm looking forward to when Lexus heals up and manages to get her hands on Absynthe to show her, and all of Absynthe's fans why she should always be the consummate Jobber Girl. And that's gonna hurt!

LF091 is a full action, hard hitting one sided beat down video (squash video) but with the little girl kicking the shit out of a bigger girl. And she does it marvelously! With plenty of hair pulling, belly punching, stomping, mauling and scissoring action to appeal to many fans.