LF090 Down Again - Nikki vs Absynthe

31 Minutes of vicious brutal fighting resulting in a cruel beat down.

Leave to Absynthe, our all time fan favourite Jobber Girl, she gets a few wins under her belt and she lets it go to her head, thinking she can beat anyone and everyone. Once again, Absynthe's alligator mouth writes cheques that her hummingbird ass can't cash. Unfortunately, Nikki isn't the one you want to play games with. Nikki has her own plans as to what to do with Absynthe, and make a lesson out of her.

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Cocky and brave, our little Absynthe steps up to the plate against Nikki, full of confidence that she can kick her ass and then some. She actually makes quite a go of it, catching Nikki by surprise as she takes down her bigger opponent by the hair and trash talks Nikki as she yanks the blonde girl's hair as she scissors Nikki with her powerful dancer legs. All those years at Ballet Classes paid off. Absynthe targets Nikki's thick luscious hair time and time again as she sets off to prove a point, that Absynthe is no one's beat down girl anymore. Well not for the moment as sure enough, Nikki has had enough of Absynthe's bullshit and turns the tide against the petite girl and brings down a world of hurt on her tiny little body. You ain't seen nothing yet!


Nikki's fury against Absynthe goes all out as the tough gal bounces Absynthe around like a rag doll, shaking her by the hair like a cat with a mouse in her jaws. Nikki slams Absynthe's head to the mat repeatedly, rendering the poor little girl semi-concious, ripe for a beat down but don't count Absynthe out yet. She digs deep and lunges up to attack Nikki's hair once again, bringing the Nikki down to the mat where the petite Absynthe can inflict more punishment and pain. Though Absynthe kicks and stomps her blonde opponent, she lets down her guard just for a moment which is long enough for Nikki to pick her up and slam Absynthe down hard and nails her with a sharp fist to the abs and kicks to the ribs. Stomping on Absynthe's abs isn't as effective as a brutal stomp to her stretched out crotch. Weakened and battered, Absynthe is subjected to more punishment as Nikki hammers down on poor Absynthe. Now in full survival mode, Absynthe knows she needs to pull out all the stops as she desperately lunges at Nikki and connects with a solid fist to the lower belly, dropping her.


Desperate to survive this match, Absynthe pulls out her new moves on Nikki. While catching Nikki in a standing neck scissors, she falls forward to slam Nikki's head to the mat so hard as to stun her opponent. But Nikki rallies back and tackles down Absynthe and then drags her up against the wall to deliver a brutally deep belly punch. Almost going down on one knee, Absynthe retaliates with a kick to the belly and almost manages to take down Nikki but is instead picked up and body slammed to the mat once again. Weakened but not finished, Absynthe is picked up and dropped across Nikki's knee as the blonde starts working on her victim's back. A vicious breast mauling sends Absynthe howling in pain as Nikki tortures her opponent. Not happy with just winning a match, Nikki loves to brutalize and humiliate her victims as she pummels Absynthe's belly, kidneys and breasts with devastating punches. Thinking her victim is done for, Nikki lets down her guard which gives Absynthe the opportunity to get at Nikki's hair to pull her down on the mat and put her into a compromising position. But unfortunately, Nikki's is able to counter it putting Absynthe in a very painful back bending position. The only way out of this painful hold is to bite Nikki's fingers. Scrambling to her feet, Absynthe quickly grabs Nikki by the hair again and delivers a couple of nasty knees to the face which stuns her opponent. But though both weakened, neither girl is ready to lay down to the other as they continue to fight back and forth.


Nikki finally manages to catch Absynthe and takes her down, face down to the mat with her arms pinned to her side. As Nikki pulls Absynthe up by the hair, she face slams her smaller opponent into the mat, effectively stunning the little girl to allow Nikki to be able to finally finish off the impertinent and defiant little Absynthe. Dazed and helpless, Absynthe brutally draped across Nikki's knee in a back breaker and has her shirt removed to cruelly expose her belly and breasts to Nikki's vicious assault. Flat on her back, Absynthe suffers Nikki's rage as she is knee-dropped, kicked, punched and stomped in her already battered belly. Barely conscious, Absynthe is cruelly stomped from chest to belly and back and forth, tossed up against the wall for more belly punching and breast mauling. Nikki just wants to make sure her victim will have something to remember her by in the mornings to come.


Almost completely out, Absynthe is paraded around on Nikki's shoulder like a wet bag of sand, and slammed to the mat a few times, just to make sure she's not going to get up again soon. Satisfied she has her victim totally helpless, Nikki hoists Absynthe up and over into a cross shoulder back breaker, brutally bending poor Absynthe and at the same time mauls her gorgeous breasts as she parades her semiconscious victim around. Slammed to the floor and pummeled a few more times for good measure, Nikki decides it's time to finish off Absynthe once and for all and proceeds to stomp Absynthe into oblivion before putting her into a sleeper hold.

Never, but never bite off more than you can chew when going up against Nikki.


LF090 is full of non-stop action that has a little bit of everything for everyone and a lot of what you want to see more of! Hair pulling, gut punches, cheap shots, breast mauling, back breakers. Though she put up a valiant fight to defend herself, Absynthe soon found herself outmatched, outclassed and outfought by a bigger and better opponent. Will this be the end of Absynthe's career? We don't think so but it does take her longer to recover after these type of matches.