LF083 Making You My Bitch - Jade vs Zoe

39 Minutes Squash video

When ever there is a new girl on the site, Jade usually gets her hands on the poor thing and enjoys a new toy. It's almost a tradition around here that everyone gets to be Jade's new toy. Except Zoe isn't going down without a good fight. But not for long. Though she admirably defends herself and actually brings the fight to Jade, she's no match for the BBW Jade who vows to make Zoe her bitch. Crushed, beaten, sat on, laid on, and brutalized, poor Zoe is ultimately defeated and rag dolled after all, and suffers the humiliation of being Jade's bitch.

Zoe, petite as she is, shows no fear when encountering Jade for the first time. She's had a few hard knocks at the hands of Bobbie before, so this time, Zoe wants to impress upon everyone that she's no push over. Unfortunately, Jade has other plans. Quick on the attack, Zoe lunges at Jade and tries to take the larger woman down but Jade's been around for a while and quick drops the new girl to the mats


Using her weight advantage, Jade doesn't hesitate to show Zoe what a BBW can do to a frail petite little bitch as she climb onto the petite beauty and presses down. Quickly catching her breath, Zoe realizes that she really needs to press the attack on Jade in order to survive this fight. With total abandon, Zoe lunges time and time again at her large opponent, trying to keep her down and stay on top of Jade, yanking at her hair, face slapping her and trying to head scissor the larger woman.


Jade can only put up with just so much of the little girl's intentions and she decides it's time to drop the hammer on Zoe, all of it! With heavy fists to the belly, breast mauling and crotch attacks, Jade weakens her puny foe enough to allow Jade to tie Zoe's arms to Jade's pants, especially made for restraining her victims. Caught between Jade's thighs, Zoe suffers one humiliating assault after another with no apparent possible way out, but she desperately manages to get out of the hold and fruitlessly tries to bring the attack to Jade, but she's weakened from the previous attacks, Zoe can't do much.


It doesn't take long for Zoe to be so completely weakened that she can barely offer any resistance to Jade's holds, such as the Full Nelson, back breakers and breast mauling. But the best is yet to come as Jade imposes her will, and her full weight on the poor little girl's body as Jade body presses and sits on our helpless little Zoe. Buried under all of Jade's massive weight, you can barely hear Zoe screaming as she struggles to get out.


Gasping for air, trying to re-inflate her lungs, Zoe continues to make desperate attempts to bring down the big girl but she's not getting anywhere with her attacks as Jade easily man handles poor Zoe and puts her in more cruel and punishing holds as the dreaded leg spreader. Poor Zoe can't get a break in this match against Jade, the odds are against her in this desperate battle for survival.


The end is near for the poor little girl as Jade plays with her like a mouse caught in a cat's claws. Zoe bravely fights off being knocked out by Jade but unfortunately, she's no match for Jade's vicious tactics and slowly but surely succumbs to Jade's attacks. 

We shouldn't call this a proper Squash video as Zoe valiantly fought back as best as she could and for as long as she could but we're calling it a Squash video anyway for how much Zoe suffered with Jade laying on top of her, sitting on her, crushing the air from her body. With lots of hair pulling, belly punching, face sitting, full weight body pressing, Zoe was barely able to crawl out of the LF Apt after this video. She now has to suffer the humiliation of knowing she's been made Jade's bitch after all.