LF081 Cream Puff Down - Bobbie Blush vs Tigra (Custom Video)

42 minutes of brutal and malicious one sided knockout beat down.

"Hell knows no fury as a pissed off petite redhead seeking revenge"

Tigra is back after being away for a while and she's agreed to a "Cream Puff" match against Bobbie Blush. The rules are simple: The first girl to admit she's a Cream Puff loses the match. Simple enough, right?

The unfortunate thing for Bobbie is that Tigra has a huge chip on her shoulders because she's pissed that though all her fans love watching Tigra as a Jobber Girl, she feels the other ladies don't offer her enough respect that she's actually quite tough. So she plans to make an example out of Bobbie to prove the point. No sooner does the rules of the match are explained that Tigra launches her attack on Bobbie and never lets up until the very end of this one sided humiliating beat down.

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Right at the beginning, Tigra nails Bobbie deep in the gut with a harsh knee and down goes Bobbie. Tigra assaults her helpless victim with sharp punches to the abs and then goes to work on her larger opponent. Proud of herself for what she thought was a win in such a short time, Tigra is reminded that in order to win this match, we have to hear Bobbie admit she's the Cream Puff.


Of course none of this bothers Tigra at all because she's here to make an example out of her hated adversary and she wants everyone to know how mean a bitch she can be when pushed to the limits. So while Bobbie is totally helpless, Tigra puts a series of holds on Bobbie, knowing that when she eventually wakes up, she's going to feel it later. Wrapping her strong lean legs around Bobbie, Tigra squeezes for all she's worth. And just because Bobbie is completely out of it, that doesn't mean Tigra shouldn't put some extra efforts into her sleeper holds as well. This is starting to get dangerous for Bobbie who has barely moved since the onset of the match but Tigra isn't letting up at all, she wants to make her mark and she's going to do it all over poor helpless Bobbie's tender body.


No body part on Bobbie is spared abuse and torture as Tigra torments her unconscious victim. As if she does wake up, Tigra quickly puts her out again but with added gusto, just to let us know she's in charge of this match. Poor Bobbie unconscious body is put through various holds and made to suffer one humiliation after another as Tigra abuses her in this state.


Tigra is in her own little world by now as she truly enjoys bringing this kind of torturous mayhem to her adversary. Breast and crotch mauling her sleeping victim, Tigra shows her true colours as she is almost insane with insane rage while brutalizing her completely helpless victim. Getting tired of this non-responsive bitch, Tigra wakes Bobbie up with a devastating stomp to the crotch which allows her to force the now crying and sobbing Bobbie to repeatedly scream out that she's the biggest cream puff around, humiliated like never before. Once Tigra is satisfied that she got what she wanted, it's time to put Bobbie down once again. This time for good as Tigra stomps off, confident in the fact that she's made her mark, all over Bobbie's prone body as a warning to others.


Tigra is always the fan favourite beat down girl but watch her come to her own as the vicious heel. She's tiny but man she's a mean tough little bitch when you push her hard enough, as Bobbie unfortunately found out, the hard way.