LF076 Back to Basics - Bobbie Blush vs Kitty Kaoss

39 minutes of competitive struggle that breaks down to a good old fashion one sided beat down.

Not impressed with the outcome of her last encounter with Kitty Kaoss, Bobbie figures she can bring the action back to 'old school' and hope to bring a humiliating defeat to Kitty by going back to basics. Kitty is not to be trifled with as she's a powerful woman who enjoys playing with her prey, just like a cat.

Settling down for an arm wrestling competition, Kitty easily defeats Bobbie after a couple of tries, even when Bobbie tries to cheat by biting her opponent's hand. Annoyed with Kitty's easy wins, Bobbie agrees to a Mercy Fight, basically a Test of Strength challenge and once again, Kitty easily dominates Bobbie in this match up, driving Bobbie to her knees and then back up on her tippy toes, screaming in pain. Frustrated, Bobbie resorts to dirty tactics to which Kitty has finally had enough of and the retaliation is something Bobbie is going to regret!


Being the larger girl, Kitty easily dominates and controls Bobbie to drop fists to her belly, deep dragging claws across her bare back and strap Bobbie up for a punishing Camel Clutch that leaves her victim screaming her submission early. But Kitty isn't here just for the win, she wants Bobbie to remember this fight for a while as she rakes Bobbie's back one more time!

Kitty loves to hear her victims scream and nothing makes them scream like when you give them the Claw to the belly or the Bow and Arrow hold. Bobbie's trapped and in a world of hurt with no way out, no matter how often or how loud she screams mercy. But don't count out Bobbie TOO soon, she manages to wrap her legs around Kitty's waist and give a hard enough crushing squeeze to catch her adversary off guard and sneak in a cheap shot. But all she's done was annoy the hell out of Kitty who is more than happy to return the favour.


With her victim draped across her knee, Kitty mauls Bobbie's crotch as she bends her victim backwards like never before. Poor Bobbie's bit off more than she can chew as Kitty plays with her prey in various viscous ways. But once again, Bobbie sneaks in a good body scissors that catches Kitty off guard for a short while but it's short lived as she cranks on the pressure on Bobbie's lower back with a brutal Boston Crab. Poor Bobbie, tapping on the floor doesn't bring relief as Kitty tortures her back.

Feigning care and concern for her poor victim, Kitty carefully brings Bobbie to her feet only to trap her in a bone crushing Bear Hug, squeezing the breath out of her smaller opponent before delivering a solid knee to the abs that sends Bobbie crashing to the floor. Another round of Bow & Arrow on Bobbie's spine does nothing to improve her predicament as Bobbie screams in horrible pain..


At this point, Bobbie is all but out of this fight, barely conscious from the pain she's suffered. Kitty drags her victim up to her feet and jams her foot into Bobbie's throat as she pins her foe to the wall in nice display of flexibility. And just like a real cat who is bored with a non-responsive prey, Kitty bats Bobbie around a bit but still not good enough. She pins Bobbie face first into the wall and rakes her bare back with her nice long feline claws which sends Bobbie screaming and jumping in pain.


Kitty knows Bobbie's weakness, and it's in her back as she goes to work on Bobbie's delicate skin and spine with another vicious Camel Clutch. Tapping in vain, Bobbie is trapped for the long run and is made to suffer as Kitty tortures her victim's breasts and spine while in the Camel Clutch. Kitty knows she's in total control so she's going to savour every last little bit of this match as she taunts Bobbie between belly punches. But just when she least expected it, Bobbie sneaks in a cheap shot kick to the crotch and scrambles to trap Kitty in a neck scissor, trying to rip Kitty's head off her shoulders but to no avail.. Kitty manages to break free from it, but doesn't get too far before Bobbie goes back to basics and delivers another cheap shot to her opponent. Though she think she's finally got the advantage, Bobbie is once again taken down and made to suffer horribly as Kitty delivers punches to the abs and kicks to the back as Bobbie lies there semiconscious.

Kitty wants to weaken her victim even more before time runs out as she pulls back on Bobbie's arms for a double arm choke, releasing the hold just before Bobbie can mercifully pass out, so that she can enjoy more of the special treatment in store for her. But eventually, all good things come to an end (thankfully for Bobbie) as Kitty drags her semiconscious. victim up to her feet and applies a paralyzing and bone crushing bear hug on Bobbie that soon renders the poor girl mercifully defeated to end the match.


LF076 will appeal to the one-sided beat down fans. Eventually Bobbie will learn how to bring the beat down onto her victims but for now, she's going to have to go back to the drawing board and learn new skills. Kitty certainly shows she can dominate the more experienced girls around here. Lets see what awaits them on the horizon.