LF051 - Sleep On It Aiden vs Velvet (Custom Video)

54 Minutes of one sided Sleeper Holds, Knock Outs and Rag Dolling.

Love sleeper holds? Love knockout choke holds? You're going to love this custom video featuring Velvet vs Aiden. There are so many knockouts in this video we lost count. So did Aiden.. After all she slept through most of this video anyway, thanks to Velvet. During a past winter video shoot, we got snowed in for the night so Velvet had to sleep over at Aiden's house. We all know of the animosity between these two ladies, no matter how professional they try to be, their pride and ego always get the better of them and all hell breaks loose.

Though Velvet is appreciative of Aiden letting her spend the night instead of driving home in the snow storm, she's not entirely pleased with the sleeping accomadations Aiden set up for her on the air mattress while there are some nice comfy beds upstairs. This is Aiden's way of telling Velvet what she thinks of her.

When Velvet's complaining gets on Aiden's nerves, she jumps Velvet from behind and tries to apply a sleeper hold to knock out her foe for the night but Velvet's no amateur, she easily blocks the hold and flips Aiden over to the side and quickly returns the favour with what will be but one of too many sleeper holds applied to Aiden to show her once again, ya simply don't mess with the Hammer!

LF051 Velvet vs Aiden LF051 Velvet vs Aiden LF051 Velvet vs Aiden
LF051 Velvet vs Aiden LF051 Velvet vs Aiden LF051 Velvet vs Aiden

With a double arm cross over choke, Velvet applies just enough pressure to let Aiden linger on long enough to suffer before she puts Aiden out. With eyes rolled back displaying the white of her eyes like flags of surrender, Aiden didn't have a fighting chance against Velvet, not when it comes to sleepers. She's simply not experienced enough, yet.

Draped across her aggressor's body, Aiden is rag dolled and trash talked until she awakens only to be slapped into another knock out hold after another, slowly losing her ability to stay concious and passes out, sprawled out and helpless as Velvet enjoys humiliating her victim. Poor Aiden doesn't know if she's coming or going with so many knock out holds applied to her.

LF051 Velvet vs Aiden LF051 Velvet vs Aiden LF051 Velvet vs Aiden

Using modified Cobra Clutches, classic Sleeper Holds and Double Arm cross over chokes, it's all over for Aiden in this video as she's completely at Velvet's mercy for the duration. We warned Aiden in the begining to beware of Velvet Hammer but the so called Maniacal Diva never listens and thus pays the price, over and over.. and over again as she's repeatedly knocked out and rag dolled through this whole video.

LF051 Velvet vs Aiden LF051 Velvet vs Aiden LF051 Velvet vs Aiden

The end finally comes for Aiden as Velvet knocks her out solid and leaves her downstairs as Velvet heads off for the nice warm beds upstairs. It proves to be a cold cold and humiliating night for poor Aiden. We hope she's learned her lesson this time.

This video is sure to be a Sleeper Holds fan's favourite!