LF050 Cherri Bombed - Aiden & Crystal vs Cherri

46 Minutes of  brutal 2 on 1 beat down with a little bit of everything...

This is our 50th video release since we started this site a few years back. We've taken a lot of the feedback and wish lists from many of our fans and decided what better way to celebrate this video milestone than to put together a video comprised of our fan's most requested scenes. Sorta like a Custom Video with a little bit of everything.

Aiden and Crystal are waiting for Tigra to show up as the fiery red head challenged both of them to a 2 on 1 match, confident that she can easily take on the two new comers to the site. Don't forget, though she's tiny, Tigra is quite experienced and could take both of them on without breaking a sweat. But none of this impresses either Aiden or Crystal. But to their surprise, in comes Cherri who explains she's Tigra's stand in since Tigra couldn't make it to the shoot due to her busy schedule. Incredulous, Aiden and Crystal agree to take on Cherri though they both know it's going to be a massacre like never seen before here on Ladyfist. Ah, but never judge a book by it's cover as Cherri manages to drop both her opponents each with a well placed cheap shot to each gal and down they go. Feeling proud of herself, Cherri doesn't realize that the fight is actually a 2 on 1 'at the same time'.. Somehow, she expected to be fighting each opponent individually but the cheap shot blows changed all that. Now, Cherri is in for the ride of her life.. so sit back and enjoy! She's severely pissed off her opponent who are now in revenge and brutal beat down mode. Cherri thought she would shine like a star in this video but ended up that Cherri bombed out huge!


As soon as Aiden and Crystal recover from Cherri nasty low blow cheap shot, both ladies decide enough is enough and it's pay back time as they start to brutally punish Cherri for lack of judgment, and her stupidity for thinking she could take both of them on at the same time..


Knowing they have full control of the situation, Aiden and Crystal methodically take their time to take apart Cherri one piece at a time, savouring the moment and her painful screams as they take turns to pummel her belly, maul her chest, rake the nails across her soft pale skin, leaving horrible long scratch marks on her belly as they both stretch helpless Cherri backwards. They batter Cherri's belly so hard, she loses consciousness. No problems, as Aiden and Crystal stretch out the prone Cherri and wake her up with more torturous attention to her belly and chest. While Aiden holds Cherri down, Crystal takes the time to mangle up Cherri's petite feet, soliciting hellacious screams from her as her toes are twisted and pulled apart.

Being who she is, Aiden the Maniacal Diva loves to prove her point by kicking her victim where it counts, in order to repay the favour to Cherri for her earlier cheap shot. Face down and unable to defend herself as Crystal holds her down, Cherri takes kick after kick as Aiden relishes the brutality inflicted.


They drag the weakened red head across their legs and apply pincer like body and neck scissors to wake up our defenseless Cherri. With her arms trapped and unable to defend herself, Cherri is subjected to more cruel punishment as Aiden and Crystal pound on Cherri's belly, maul her chest and rake her soft skin. At some point, both Crystal and Aiden go from "beating Cherri for the win" to "beat Cherri to make her suffer" mode. I don't think any amount of pleading for submission from Cherri is going to change the outcome of this fight. Aiden and Crystal are out for Cherri's head and to make an example out of Cherri, in a most horrific way.

While still trapped in Crystal's neck scissors, Cherri falls victim to Aiden's cruel and vicious kicks to the crotch until she passes out from the brutal kicks. "Hmm, we need to think up of a way to wake her up..." ponder the gals.


Poor Cherri is suddenly awaken to tremendous pain as she finds herself locked solidly in Crystal's Figure Four Leg Lock. As Crystal slams her leg down across Cherri's top leg, Cherri howls in pain but this is nothing compared to what Aiden has in store for Cherri. Bad enough having to suffer under one hold but to have someone stretch you out, yank your hair, stomp on you, and grind their heel into your crotch is above and beyond the level of cruelty we've seen in our recent fights. Aiden and Crystal have no compassion for their victim as they continue to bring her to a world of hurt like never before.


They continue to brutalize poor Cherri until once again she passes out from the horrific pain being inflicted on her. She awakens to find herself propped up between her two opponents and is brutally pummeled in the belly until she weakens once more.. Hoisted up, Cherri is laid across both gals' knees and beaten down once again with torturous rakes across the belly, hair pulling and what ever other evil devices Crystal and Aiden can come up with.. but nothing compares to what's coming up next.


Cherri is propped up and help up by Crystal, leaving cruelly and horribly vulnerable to Aiden's rage as she's subjected to repeated belly punches, breast mauling and ramming knees to the crotch. Poor Cherri's screams fall on deaf ears as neither Aiden or Crystal are interested in Cherri's submission, they just want to brutalize her, that's all.


Poor Cherri is once again pounded and kicked into unconsciousness. Aiden grinds her foot into Cherri to see if she can wake her up but to no avail..

They lay out the unconscious red head on the floor and take up their posistions on either side, pinning her arms and legs so she can't move. Thus commences the beginning of the end for poor Cherri.. They hammer at her belly, rake nails across her belly and maul her brutalized breasts.


Destroyed and battered, Cherri succumbs to unconsciousness. once again as Aiden relates to the camera that what just happened to Cherri, will happen to Tigra should they ever meet on the mats. Apparently, this whole exercise of beating Cherri to an inch of her life was nothing more than a message for Tigra to stay away if she knows what's good for her...

After seeing what she and Crystal did to Cherri, it might be good advice.

For all you fans who love 2 on 1 action, this is your video. It's jam packed full of dirty blows and vicious belly hits, figure four leg locks, cruel attacks and just plain full of mayhem at one person's expense. We're sure you're going to love this one!