LF048 Don't Break Me - Velvet vs Aiden (custom video)

47 Minutes of deep belly punching one sided beatdown.

This is the video that Aiden didn't want released. After reading this you'll know why our maniacal fighter would prefer her fans didn't see this video.

Aiden had been running amok around here lately, beating down her opponents without regards to their welfare, so long as she gets what she wants, their respect and fear. Several of the ladies have backed down from challenges, either through fear of her abilities or the uncertainties of her maniacal state when she gets down to business as several of the fighters discovered a little too late..

However, Velvet Hammer simply hadn't had time to come over and set things straight. But when she found out that Aiden had laid a brutal beat down on Crystal that left the poor girl curled up on the couch in agony for days, she knew she had to do something about it and put Aiden where she belonged, in the hurt locker! Besides, with all the trash talking Aiden's been heard to be saying around here about Velvet, we were wondering how long it would take Velvet to come down here and put Aiden in her place.

When Velvet confronts Aiden, she's all fired up but Aiden simply couldn't care less who Velvet is, or care about her 'past reputation'.. Aiden sincerely feels she's the top fighter around here and doesn't even show any bit of remorse for what she'd done to Crystal. This totally infuriates Velvet to no end and the challenge is laid down. But Aiden sucker punches Velvet to the belly and down goes Velvet.. "I do believe it's time to show the Hammer a few things" declares Aiden as she reaches for her opponents hair, in preparation for another one sided beat down but before she could make good her promise, Aiden is herself caught by surprise as Velvet rams her head into Aiden's belly rams her into the back wall, knocking the air completely out of Aiden and down she goes, gasping hard trying to suck in air. "I'll show you what the Velvet Hammer is all about" as Velvet yanks Aiden up to the wall by the hair. Jamming the heel of her hand against Aiden's chin, Velvet drives solid hits to Aiden's rock hard abs. Now Aiden discovers for herself why her opponent is referred to as the Velvet HAMMER!


Aiden's pinned to the wall with her arms trapped behind her back as Velvet takers her apart, one punch at a time. Unwilling to give Velvet the satisfaction of knowing how much pain she's in, Aiden holds back her cries of pain but unfortunately, whenever Velvet nails her hard in the abs, it's too easy to tell that each blow takes more out of Aiden than she's willing to admit. Velvet is out to break her opponent, one punch at a time. Even when Aiden is down on the floor, gasping for air, Velvet doesn't let as she kicks Aiden in the small of her back, just to let her know who's the top fighter around here.


Velvets roughly yanks Aiden up to her feet by the hair and traps her arms back behind her head allowing Velvet to hold her there and pummel Aiden's belly so more. When she tires of punching, Velvet slams Aiden back into the wall to start the whole process over again. If you though Aiden was maniacal in her attacks of her opponents, she's not prepared to be on the receiving end of Velvet's methodical attacks as fists and knees destroy Aiden's tight abs, knocking the very breath out of her body as she's allowed to crash to the floor in a heap of brutalized hurt. It's all that Aiden can do trying to suck in air to stay conscious before Velvet once again yanks her up to her feet so Velvet can hammer away at Aiden's gut, over and over.. Stunned and unable to defend herself, Aiden collapses to the floor, gasping for breath as Velvet trash talks Aiden. Kicks to the belly only make things worse for the poor moaning and suffering Aiden. You can tell Velvet is enjoying herself, knowing she's teaching a lesson that Aiden will soon not forget, should she survive this encounter that is.


Velvet has all night and certainly savours her time to ensure that every punch, every kick and every stomp to Aiden's abs are going to leave a mark and surely make Aiden suffer long after the night is over. It's not long that Aiden's cries are heard as she's unable to tolerate the beating any more and pleads not to be hammered in the abs but is unable to voice her pleas as Velvet open hand slaps Aiden's abs. Velvet knows she's got Aiden just where she wants her and probes her belly with her fingers to find the tender spots before slamming her fist deep into Aiden's belly. But if that wasn't enough, Velvet stretches Aiden out to expose her flanks and drives her fist deep to brutalize Aiden's kidneys. Deep penetrating blows leave Aiden gasping for air as her pain wracked body convulses under Velvet's attacks. As if that wasn't bad enough, Aiden suffers cruel and torturous belly claws as Velvet clamps down hard into Aiden's abs for all she's worth. Unable to defend herself, Aiden takes several knees to the belly as Velvet has her pinned to the wall with her arms trapped behind or above her head. Velvet isn't out just to win this match, she's out to beat the hell out of Aiden and teach a lesson.. a painful lesson.


Aiden's screams are more vocal as her tolerance drops after such horrific pounding. She goes down to the floor gasping for air like a fish out of water but Velvet doesn't give her a moment to recover. Stomping on Aiden, Velvet tortures her opponent by grinding her heel deep into poor Aiden's belly, making her scream in horrible pain. Velvet straddles Aiden, pins her arms under her knees. Velvet's in total control and punishes poor Aiden piece by brutal piece, attacking each quadrant of Aiden's now devastated belly. Velvet truly enjoys her work, she calls out what part of Aiden's belly she's going to assault next, knowing the anticipation is killing Aiden when her fists crash into her victim, bringing out screams like we've never heard coming out of Aiden before as Velvet drives her finger deep into Aiden's belly button, turning and twisting as Aiden's shrieking screams are ignored. Crying, sobbing and unable to catch her breath, Aiden's desperate screams for mercy fall on deaf ears as Velvet knows she's made her point she's going all out.. Aiden's anguished screams of "don't break me, I get it, I get it now, don't break me" go well ignored as Velvet tortures Aiden's belly with rapid double fist punches and stomach claws to Aiden's destroyed belly.. Her desperate screams only encourage Velvet, knowing she's got Aiden broken and humiliated.


However, it's not over for Aiden, yet.. though she's half conscious is of no concern for the vicious Hammer as she drags Aiden to the sofa and bends Aiden over backwards on the pillows to allow for that nice long lean stretched out abs effect which allows Velvet to hammer down devastating punches to Aiden's incredibly brutalized abs. The end finally comes to Aiden as Velvet drops a huge fist deep into Aiden's gut which knocks all her breath out, rendering the horribly brutalized Aiden unconscious. Velvet rolls Aiden off the sofa onto the floor where the poor battered Aiden lays crumpled, feeling every muscle in her abs burning with fire from Velvet's attack, trying desperately to catch her breath, left alone to suffer in pain, just as Crystal had previously. Broken, beaten, humiliated and brutalized, has Aiden's reign of terror around here come to an end? Will Aiden survive this hellacious beat down? Only time will tell.


This is a video that will certainly appeal to the one sided beat down fans and the belly punching fans out there. 47 minutes of the most vicious and brutal belly punches, knees, claws and devastation await you in this video. Poor Aiden.. it only took her 2 days before she could get up and walk around with some semblance of normal.