LF041 Can You Handle It - Sunny vs Saphron

50 Minutes of one on one agreesive pin downs, hair pulling, scissors and more.

Two of our toughest fighters, Saphron and Sunny, were laying out the mats for a regular session video when Saphron complained of not wanting to do another "realistic but not real fight", that she wouldn't mind a more challenging session with Sunny. So the challenge was accepted by the tall and lovely blond and as soon as she snapped in a slap to Saphron's face, the fight was on. These gals can fight for real so it could escalate to something nasty in short time. They were told to go as long as they could without stoppage to give them a taste of the competitive style of fighting.



Simply put, this video is quite different from what we normally do here at Ladyfist. Two capable fighters asked to fight it out using the moves and holds they've learned while doing our regular norm videos but do it for real. What made it very hard for these two ladies was to resist the urge (or the need) to unload on each other which would have decided the match in a matter of seconds. When engaged in a fight, either of these two don't waste time putting down their victim. So, you can well imagine this was very different for them. However, the need to win between these two competitive women was intense as each tried to scissor, squeeze, bend and pull her opponent to submission. And with a couple of very short breaks, they quickly appreciated how much effort goes into submission or competitive wrestling, especially going at it for over 50 mins.



Both women make great use of the other's hair to get her down to the floor where various holds and pin downs can be used to inflict pain on the other. Kicks to the legs and abs take their toll as both exhausted women refuse to give it up to her opponent. Sunny takes advantage of her longer reach to take down Saphron but can't match her raw strength as the continue to tangle. Neither gal is shy to sneak in a cheap shot if she thinks she can get away with it.

Schoolgirl pins are a lot harder to get out of than it looks but if you have long legs like Sunny does, Saphron doesn't get to hold the position for too long. But when the position is reversed, Saphron can seem to dismount her opponent without the use of a well placed bite. You can feel the frustration mount between the two of them as they find it harder to beat their opponent in this genre of fight. Saphron gets quite annoyed with the whole deal and goes for a naked rear choke hold but Sunny manages to beat her way out of it but not for long as she's tiring out and gets caught in Saphron's powerful scissors. But again, another good bite gets her out of it. Nothing is 'fair' or 'dirty' fighting between these two ladies. Sunny manages to take down Saphron and rewards her with a well placed heel grind and stomp to the crotch followed up with a solid stomp to the belly. Obviously they've decided to step up their game and resorting to what they know best, hurting their opponent, viciously and brutally.



Dragging Sunny down to the floor by the hair, Saphron sits on Sunny's face to hold her down and proceeds to punish her opponent with well placed and deliberate punches to the ribs, arms and belly. But just when you thought Sunny was in deep trouble, she manages to free an arm and push Saphron in a body scissors but it's short lived as Saphron cheap shots her way out the hold, weakening poor Sunny. Delivery harsh blows to her belly, Saphron beats the fight out of Sunny, punch by punch. But don't give up on the blond babe, she's not going down without a fight.


But the end is near for poor Sunny as she's pinned by Saphron and belted with body punches. Unable to break loose, she's subjected to Saphron's powerful fists as each blow slowly but surely weakens her. With Saphron sitting on her and unable to defend herself, Sunny is slowly but surely beaten into submission as the breath is beaten out of her. Saphron does a good job of taking away Sunny's air, knowing that her opponent is finally getting to the point of no resistance as her punches go unanswered except for a few muffled groans and moans until Sunny has no choice to submit


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