Phiffer vs Velvet LF025 Bikini Showdown (Custom Video)

We here at Ladyfist decided to hold a Bikini Contest in the middle of winter and were hoping that most of the ladies would show up for the contest. And what a turn out we had. Two of the last contestants to show up for the event were Phiffer and Velvet. They arrived a few minutes apart from each other and were sent off to the dressing rooms from which they would be escorted out to the competition stage down the hall way. One of the main problems of living up here in the Great White North in the winter time is that the selection and availability of bikinis is very scarce! So as it turns out, both women arrived to compete in the same bikini!! OH oh!! Not good at all!

Obvious neither women want to go on stage in the same outfit so they make a deal. They'll fight it out to see who stays behind and who goes out on stage. But to make it even more interesting, it's added on that the LOSER has to parade out on stage 'topless'!! Not only does she lose the fight, but must face the humiliation of being trotted out in public without her top.. Velvet, being the new gal here at Ladyfist sees how smaller Phiffer really is so she feels it's a safe bet. Let's find out!

41 Minutes of great bikini wrestling action



Before you get all hot and bothered, we'll come out and say it right away. Though one of the women does lose her top and is led away by the victor, there is no nudity in this video. I think the loser was humiliated enough like it was. Ok? Ok.. As mentioned at the begining, both women showed up for the competition and when they came out of the change rooms and realized that they had actually shopped at the same place and picked up the same bikini for the competition (there is so little choice up here in the middle of winter).. the fur was up on hackle and you knew something was going to hit the fan. Velvet figured she's a tough gal so she readily agrees to the fight to settle this argument.. she's SO confident that she even agrees to the topless clause where the loser has to face the ultimate humiliation of being paraded out topless in front of the judges and fans.

Velvet manages to use her size advantage to bring Phiffer down a notch or two as she slaps her into a powerful neck scissors. As Phiffer is forced to arch her back as Velvet's legs pull on her chin, Velvet slams her fist into Phiffer's cruelly exposed belly. With her air supply cut off and hammering blows to her belly, Phiffer is already in a world of hurt. Velvet enjoys herself as she punishes her smaller victim.

Phiffer manages to break this hold by biting the inside of Velvet's leg but won't let go as she's latched on as tight as a pit bull on a wee poodle. Forced to release the hold, Velvet spins Phiffer around and slaps her into a cross body scissors, which allows Velvet to pin Phiffer's arms back and gives her opportunity to crush the little girl's abs with her thighs and smashing fists into her tender belly. Feeling victory within her grasp so early in the match, Velvet switches it over and forces Phiffer into a punishing camel clutch. Phiffer screams in pain but to no avail as her larger opponent continues to torture her. Velvet is more than happy to prolong Phiffer's punishment as she torques on the battered girl's spine with a modified bow and arrow hold.

Unfortunately Velvet's overconfidence gets the best of her as she prematurely releases Phiffer which permits the smaller girl a chance to drop a couple of hard fists into Velvet's belly, bringing her to her knees gasping for air.


Though Phiffer is the smaller girl, she's also a hell of a lot meaner and vicious than she looks. She forces Velvet onto her belly and straddles her back and locks her arms behind her back as Phiffer drives her fists into Velvet's exposed ribs. Sitting on the back of Velvet's neck, Phiffer enjoys playing with her victim in a style only Phiffer can pull off for the camera. The girl can really get under your skin fast!

Stunned and hurt, Velvet now suffers as Phiffer tries to make a human pretzel out of the taller woman. Phiffer is a smart fighter, she knows that to beat a taller and stronger opponent you have to knock the legs out from under them so she attacks Velvet's legs and spine. Can't stand? Can't fight. Good tactics. However it doesn't last forever as Velvet regains her composure and manages to force Phiffer face down to the mat with an arm bar, threatening to break it with a wrist lock and pressure on the elbow. I don't think Phiffer's been led like this in a while. Velvet works over the poor girl's arm causing her to scream in pain. Now it's Phiffer's turn to be pretzelized!

Demonstrating her strength, Velvet picks up Phiffer and crashes her down across her knee in a devastating cross knee back breaker. her back already hurt, Phiffer can do nothing but howl in pain. Realizing a humiliating defeat is almost at hand, Phiffer digs deep, sucks up the pain and gets to feet and before Velvet can realize what is happening, Phiffer drills her deep in the abs and begins to tear her opponent apart. Break her back, kick her in the ribs, punch her belly and torque her arm all in order to weaken Velvet and bring this fight to an end. But it's not that easy!


Dragging Velvet to the sofa, Phiffer begins her work at torturing Velvet in hopes of making her submit and lose the bet. The outcome is so horrific to Phiffer she has to win. The same thoughts go through Velvet's mind also as she manages to get a shot in on Phiffer's abs and then slap a brutally devastating figure four leg lock on her hapless victim. Velvet's longer legs wreak havoc on poor Phiffer's legs. Velvet has the advantage especially when she drops her thigh across Phiffer's crossed leg. How much more pain can Phiffer endure. She doesn't dare submit, she simply can't face the humiliation of this defeat! Once again, Velvet smells defeat and breaks the hold. Barely able to stand, Phiffer is yanked up by the hair but before Velvet can get her finishing hold slapped on, she's sucker punched in the belly by a desperate and brutalized Phiffer..

Staggering for support for her tortured knee, Phiffer manages to apply her favourite modified standing figure 4 leg lock on Velvet who is now on the receiving end for more brutality as Phiffer drops fists into Velvet's belly. Phiffer knows she has her victim just where she wants her.. flipping her over on her belly, Phiffer applies a cruel and torturous modified figure 4 leg lock that sends Velvet into a panic of screams and her submission. You can only take so much pain before you have to scream mercy. Phiffer slides in behind Velvet and makes her tell the camera that she's lost the match and is relieved of her bikini top and the humiliated and sobbing Velvet is led out of the room by the victorious Phiffer.. Poor Velvet is made to come back and tell us how horrible the whole affair was as Phiffer sits back and gloats of her victory. Obviously Velvet under-estimated Phiffer's abilities..

She's tiny and she's our resident "Jobber Girl" but she ain't no push over.. The fun part of all this.. ?

REVENGE MATCH!! When? Not sure.. But Velvet wants it bad... REAL BAD!


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