Ali vs Tigra in LF024 Tit for Tat (Custom Video)

Ali makes her comeback debut at Ladyfist with her first of three custom videos. She was asked if her breasts were still as tough as they were when she suffered her breast torture in her earlier videos, she said she's tougher than ever.. what ever doesn't kill ya, only makes ya stronger.. Oh yeah? So we matched her up the gorgeous but vicious and nasty little Tigra. Talk about letting the wildcat out of the cage for revenge!! Poor Ali.. will she survive?!

38 Minutes of painful, hard hitting breast slapping..



This Custom Video requested that the gals each take turns at slapping each other across the breasts and see who can tough it out the most. Wearing normal bras under their clothing attire, each woman started off taking shots at each other to see how much this is going to hurt. As you can imagine, the harder to nail your opponent the harder she's going to smack back.. so it's either shit or get off the pot when it comes to this kind of match.. go little or go big.

Tigra is a tiny woman but she packs a lot of power behind her gorgeous petite frame. She relishes the thought of bringing humiliating pain to the original Ladyfist Gal in this match up so she comes out big with a huge open hand that catches Ali by surprise at how much this could actually hurt! Imagine if it was bare skin! But a slap is as good as a clubbing when Tigra swings at Ali. Tigra soon realizes that for every hit she puts out, she's going to have to suffer in return when it's Ali's turn to take a shot. The only hope you have is to be able to endure more than your opponent.

Broken down in three segment matches, both women come out dressed in tall boots and denims, then in skirts and finally in bikini bottoms while wearing the same shirts the whole time. Because we figured this match would last a long time, we took pity on the ladies and let them wear garment over their chests to keep the stinging down. And a good thing we did too.. Both agreed it saved them a lot of pain and suffering, but neither would admit it to the other so the next time, they're going to do it in bikini tops, if we ever do this kind of match again..



It must have been Ali's bad day because she didn't stand up to the abusive punishment to her small but lovely breasts. Tigra could sense the taller gal weakening throughout this match and kept the pressure on her, trying not to give Ali too much breathing space as she circled around and take cheap shots at Ali's breasts. But give it to Ali though, she gets her hits in clean and hard and stops Tigra dead in her tracks. When they take these painful hits to the chest, it literally stops them cold, grabbing their chests and having to wait for the pain to subside before continuing..

Though instructed to 'give a shot, take a shot', Tigra takes advantage of Ali's pain and crashes multiple slaps and hits when she gets the chance. Say what ya want, but man it all accumulates after a short while..! Tigra knows she has her taller opponent hurting and taunts and harasses her when she can but even the cockiest little shit gets caught once in a while and takes a few huge hits that literally stops her dead in her tracks.

However, she's determined to prove to everyone that she's tough and dangerous, so she jams Ali up against the wall, holds her by the chin and assaults Ali's chest with multiple slaps..




The women eventually decide to take the time to change into skirts as required and get back to the battle of the boobs.. Already bruised and tender from the first round the gals are shy about starting the match but Tigra quickly brings the battle to Ali in a determined and ferocious manner. Using her smaller size and speed, Tigra takes sniping runs at Ali's chest but is eventually stopped with huge payback slaps to her lovely tender breasts. The price of the slapping is taking it's toll on both gals as they continue to flail away at each other, knowing that the next slap is going to be more painful than the previous.

Gasping for air and groaning in pain, both women go at each other with full force and abandon, nailing the other as hard as possible, knowing that to do less is to invite more pain than necessary. If you hit her hard enough, she may not have the strength to hit back.. or you end up pissing her off and she comes back harder than before.. Poor Tigra gets a taste of Ali's ferocity when she's pushed back against the wall and brutalized before Ali's backs off all exhausted and tired.. This gives Tigra the pause she needs to sneak in a few horrific attacks on poor Ali's chest.

It's a matter of seeing who can regain her strength back quicker than the other as to bring the attack to her opponent.. at this point it's more of brutal assault than a trading of hits. Desperate for an ending, Tigra foolishly grabs Ali in a bear hug but doesn't get too far before Ali is able to return the favour and mutually squeeze each other in a double bear hug... Tigra pays the price for this one as she's weakened and battered by Ali's desperate attacks.

Ali is brought to her knees and bent back over Tigra's knee so that she can flail away at Ali's battered boobs repeatedly. Encouraged by Ali's screams of pain, Tigra shoves Ali up to the wall, pins her arms up and nails her several times across the chest. At this point, poor Ali would like nothing better than to make this match end quickly but Tigra, though she's hurting and suffering, is enjoying herself a little too much as she's brutalizing the taller Ali. But don't count her out yet, Ali manages to lash out and nail Tigra in the breast hard enough to bring her to a dead stop and give Ali some breathing room.

Even when both women are on the floor holding their bruised breasts and trying to catch their breath, they are trading shots when ever possible.. Ali manages to get Tigra to a whimpering point when she manages to nail her properly square on the breast and take the wind out of her sails.. but only momentarily. Tiny that she is, Tigra is a vicious little beast that simply won't quit! Ali goes down crying from the pain..



At the third segment of the match, both women rip off each other's skirts and get back to the action wearing their bikini bottoms. Tired, battered, bruised and in pain, they still lunge and attack each other's chest with brutal and vicious hits and slaps, not wanting to give anything up to the other girl. Back and forth they go, taking a hit, and giving a hit. Crashing slaps up, sideways, across and from below hurt the gals like nothing before..

Back and forth.. the battle rages on as Tigra picks up her second wind and rages on Ali's chest. Poor Ali simply isn't up to the task and her chest is battered raw and she can barely answer Tigra's slaps and hits. Tigra take the whole match to Ali by crashing her ribs and lower back with a brutal bear hug.. Ali is out of this match now.. she can't take it anymore.. everything on her is battered, bruised and trashed. Tigra, proud of herself saunters off taunting the beaten Ali..

Take it from me, on the drive home, Tigra had an ice pack on her chest the whole way back. Ali wasn't able to make it to work the next day. Thank croid we saved this custom match for the last one of the day. Though we do it 'realistic and not real' here at Ladyfist, the women sometimes have something to prove to each other and go beyond the call of duty and have at each other.

I think I'll keep these two separate for a while.

A bonus on this video, different from the previous videos, is that we included some of the bloopers. Watch the bloopers carefully, and you'll see why this custom match went a little too real for comfort.


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